Jaclyn's Journey
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I received the book on Monday and finished reading it last night. The story is powerful in many ways. Your love for Jaclyn, her fight for life, your advocacy for her normalcy and the lessons we learned from her... Thank you for sharing. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives...

- Julie Levin

I read about 1/3 last night and it is truly amazing. I am so grateful that you have shared this journey. A lot of good lessons to be learned and already so much I have been left to think about! You have given everyone who reads this book quite a gift. Thank you!!!

- Liza Churchill

I read your book the first weekend I received it. I didn't put it down. I relived the story I knew with details I didn't know or had forgotten. I found the book inspiring and a great help to anyone going through similar situations or not. Jaclyn and her journey are both inspirational, and you too are equally inspirational. I love how you stress the importance of being a strong advocate. This is so important and too often neglected these days. The whole story is well done. You shared so much of yourself ... that is so giving and so helpful to others. I know this book will help many. Thanks Lori for sharing Jaclyn's inspiring journey.

- Cathy Wolf

Thank you so much for sharing this treasured part of your life with all of us. I canít imagine the courage it took to make this book happen but I am glad you found a way to do it. Iím sure your words will be of great comfort to the many others that will read your book. . . My wife and I were touched deeply by your story. We want to share it with others in our family who have had similar struggles.

- Dennis Ley

I have been meaning to write you for awhile about your book. I finished reading it and I first want to commend your accomplishment. The book was extremely emotional and brought back a lot of our life with Autumn, as we experienced a lot of the same medical "training," equipment and emotions that you went through. I feel like I got to know Jaclyn much better and for that I am very grateful. She was an inspiration and I feel blessed to know her through you. I also want to tell you what an amazing Mother you are. Jaclyn was so lucky to have you and Alan as her parents as well as Ryan and Josh as her brothers.

- Leslie Hasbrouck

I admit I read your beautiful book immediately but needed to find the appropriate words to convey my reaction. Thank you so much for sharing your Jaclyn, and also as importantly, you, with me and the world. I will never begin to compare our lives, except for the inexplicable experience of losing our own child. You were able to capture some of my own thoughts in your words. And selfishly, I thank you for that. You brought Jaclyn back to life. I envisioned her over and over as I read each passage. I had the privilege and honor of enjoying Jaclyn in healthier times. I had no idea of the extent of her health issues. I saw a beautiful, wise, sensitive, happy, enthusiastic, wonderful child. Knowing now how determined she was to live and love life I admire her so. Lori, it is not only Jaclyn's Journey. You so valiantly, honestly and gracefully described your journey too. Your story is a testament to the remarkable character of a loving, giving, surviving and thriving mother who happens to also be an inspiring woman. You. Your Jaclyn, our Jaclyn, will never leave our hearts. Your words ensure that.

- Laura Upin

I did read your book the day you dropped it off and could not put it down. I admire the fact that you were able to write down everything that your family has gone through. It is an amazing tribute that your family will have forever. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to and even started to write down Tony's story and just can't seem to do it. Reading your book has given me the drive to get Tony's story down on paper . . . not to write a book but just for my family to have as a reminder of everything we have been through.

- Patti Tzoubris

I wanted to let you know I finally read the book you wrote. I'll admit that as much as I wanted to read it, I was hesitant. I cry whenever I think about Jaclyn - when I hear the song "Hit the Road Jack", when I see Teagan wearing her "Jaclyn" bracelet, when I hear about other children struggling with serious health issues. So I was afraid of the sadness I would feel reading the book. However . . . I decided it was time. I was so moved and inspired by her story. Of course I cried during the last chapter but was surprised by the positive feelings I had throughout the story. I always thought of Jaclyn as a mature, happy, personable, adorable little girl. After reading her story, I'm amazed at how strong she was and that she was able to develop such a warm, bubbly personality given all she had been through. I was so moved hearing Jaclyn's story through your point of view. I felt your pain, your love, your strength and learned things I hope will help me be a better person. I thought you handled all that life dealt you with such grace and your honesty was touching. You and Jaclyn are inspiring. Thank you very much for sharing your story and please know that Jaclyn and your family are often in my thoughts.

- Dina Nelson

With tears streaming down my face, I write you these words. I have just finished reading your book, and I am very moved by Jaclyn's life and everything that she and your family endured. My sleepless nights seem quite trivial compared to all the procedures, treatments, operations, hospital stays, feeding tubes, etc. that she experienced. I am glad that I got to know her a little bit more through your words.

- Thank you, Gizella Meneses

I just finished your outstanding book. You went through so much more than I ever imagined. You, Alan and your mom have to be the strongest people I know. Jaclyn will always hold a special place in my heart for how she touched everyone in her life, while meeting her immense challenges with incredible courage and strength.

- Roger VanWazer